Monday, January 16, 2017

The last year has given me and understanding of the questions that bothered me the most about Buddha, I accepted everything but there were a few doubts dormant for nearly a decade about a few things about Buddha

1) Why Buddha being a symbol of compassion did not Institute Vegetarianism?

My understanding is as follows

. Craving factor remains the same towards the food either Veg or Non Veg so unless we can have food by saying "The food I consume is not for joy, not for play or entertainment but only for the nourishment of this body so that it can live in ease" this statement is easier said than done the type of craving may be for diff foods but Craving remains the same

. Monks/Nuns have to accept anything edible put in their bowls however they still have the choice to remain Vegetarian if they intend to do so

.Non Veg food was essential for the people who used to do harsh physical labour and would be difficult in those days but now we have option to remain Vegan and also be supremely fit with it.

2) Buddha's hesitance to teach Dhamma after enlightenment to the world

This became clear since he was enlightened he knew the type of people that live in this world

People who are so selfish, so cruel, so many backstabbers and the usual lot of people that you can even find in your everyday life even today, this was a fairly simple to understand but I thought an enlightened soul would find it easy to put across the Dhamma to them but it is not so easy to people with wrong beliefs , traditions, cultures and people with closed minds and people who act like their tea cup is full, negative karma etc so it took a deva... Brahma sahampati to come down to Buddha to convince him that their are beings with little dust in their eyes to see Dhamma.

3) Buddha's hesitance to Institute women Sangha

I really did not understand this one and I got married...then things started to become clear :)

It was once said that Buddha along with 1000's of monks stayed quietly at a place and the king who was being bought to his presence thought how can such a large gathering remain so silent and even had doubts on his minister who was taking him if he was turning him towards the enemy

Women have different physical and psyiological needs than Men and first among them is Women love to talk, Their sudden outbursts of emotion, Delicate bodies even though women demand equal rights with Men to which they totally deserve but at the same time their physical and psyiological needs limits them in certain aspects when compared to Men and so Buddha had to add a few more rules in the patimokkha and finally allowed the Bhikkhuni order

So my Mind is totally freed of any doubts over the Buddha and some aspects of his actions are now very clear and took me over a Decade to realise and experiencce it, May All Beings Be Happy!

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