Monday, June 7, 2010

FREE eBooks!!!

Tipitaka (45 yrs teachings of buddha) -eBooks FREE

Guys i do see many people want to know more on buddha's teachings and i see they ponder for resources and here i am giving links for ebooks that were created by me by compiling info on accesstoinsight into ebooks on ...Download them FREE and enjoy reading and grow in Dhamma
"Tipitaka Introduction eBook"
"Vinaya pitaka"- I have (2 out of 3)
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"Sutta pitaka"(1st 4 eBooks)
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"DighaNikaya-Long Discourses"
"MajjhimaNikaya-Middle length discourses"
"SamyuttaNikaya-Grouped discourses"
"AnguttaraNikaya-Further factored discourses"
Sutta pitaka (5th Book) collection of 18 books i have 12 out of the 18 books in this part
"Khuddakapatha-the short passages"
"Dhammapada-the path of dhamma"
"Udana exclamations"
"itivuttaka-this was said by the buddha"
"Suttanipata-the sutta collection"
"Vimanavatthu-abode of the devas"
"Petavatthu-Stories of Hungry ghosts"
"Theragatha- verses of elder Monks"
"Therigatha- Verses of elder nuns"
"Jataka Tales-Stories of previous lives of gotama buddha"
"Milindapanha- Questions of King Milinda"
"Patisambhidamagga-Path of discrimination"
Abhidhamma Pitaka
couldn't find much infoBut compiled whatever i found on is here in Pdf format!
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